GPS Navigation For Dummies FD-220 – Navigation Made Easy

Have you ever experienced driving without knowing the exact direction of your desired destination? Well, this usually occurs if you are invited somewhere for the first time or if you need to see someone in an area, which is rather new to you. So how do you go about this? Do you check a map online prior to going, or do you resort to asking strangers along the way to give you the direction? Both the former and the latter can provide you with a solution, but they can be very convenient unlike if you resort to using this FD-220 GPS Navigation for Dummies.

This GPS for Dummies is the perfect device you need to give you direction to places whenever you travel. It features a 3.5″ color LCD touch screen and comes with a GPS Nav software that’s easy to use for newbie like you. No more worries whether you’re taking the right direction or not as this one will serve as your guide, giving you the confidence that you’ll never get lost on the road again.

Summary of features:

* For Dummies GPS Nav™ software with easy-to-use user interface for simplifying the GPS navigation operation!
* 3.5″ color LCD touch screen
* Digital mapping with browsing capability
* Visual and voice turn-by-turn navigation speaking street names (TTS)!
* Pre-loaded map of the contiguous U.S.
* Navigation with multiple stops routing
* Quick route re-calculation when off-route
* Millions of points of interests (POI)
* Included digital music & video player and digital picture viewer
* Easy-to-understand For Dummies™ user’s manual

Order the GPS Navigation for Dummies FD-220 here.

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