Go Green with Tascam TC1S Solar Powered Guitar and Bass Tuner

There are so many ways to help preserve the environment – you can recycle, avoid using plastics, observe car maintenance to ensure you have properly working catalytic converter, and use solar products. From these four, what are you practicing already? All of the above? Well, that’s good! Now, if you’re into playing guitar perhaps you want to go green as well while doing your craft. All you need to do is switch to Tascam TC1S Solar Powered Guitar and Bass Tuner.

Dubbed as the world’s first solar powered tuner, the Tascam TC1S is an Earth-friendly guitar accessory that is always ready to use with a solar recharging panel, which is usually mounted above the large LCD display. Now, you no longer have to worry about throwing away harmful batteries because this one uses nothing but plain sunlight. And in case you want to use this in the dark, simply plug it in through a USB connector for a quick charge. This gadget accessory is also made to resist all forms of damage – thanks to its shockproof silicon cover and guitar strap slip! Now, you can bring this guitar and bass tuner without worrying about it getting damaged while you’re on the go.


* Chromatic tuner
* Solar-powered battery charging
* USB input for battery charging
* 1/4″ instrument/microphone input
* Built-in microphone
* Custom LCD display with note, sharp/flat indicators, bargraph for pitch deviation
* Shock-resistant silicon case included
* Available in six colors: black, pink, orange, green, blue, white
* Includes strap and clip for attaching to instrument case
* Four display modes: Bar, Fine, Strobe Animation, Needle
* 12-note equal temperament scale
* Pitch displayed in 1 cent steps (in fine mode)
* 3.77″ W x 0.71″ H x 1.57″ D (96mm W x 18mm H x 40mm D)
* 1.8oz (51g) weight

Isn’t it great to help the environment while doing what you love doing? So, go green now with Tascam TC1S Solar Powered Guitar and Bass Tuner!

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