Go Green Even on Your Desktop with the Power Planter

Do you have a small plant on top of your desk? If none, are you thinking of having one, so there’s at least a touch of green in front of you whenever you are working? Is that a yes you’ve got there? Well, that’s cool! Now, stop thinking and start planting with this ceramic planter that’s designed to resemble a nuclear cooling plant. It’s called the Power Planter.

This nifty gadget is designed with those “not-so-skilled-in-planting” in mind. Yes, even if your hands are not gifted at growing plants, you can still very much go green on your desktop with this Power Planter. All you need are organic soil and wheatgrass seeds that are included in the package, a little effort in adding water to this planter, and that’s it! Oh by the way, this one relies on solar energy to grow, so make sure that your mini-crop of nutrient-dense wheatgrass is placed near the window, where it can get its daily dose of sunlight.

This product only measures 6.5 x 4.2 x 5.5 inches, so no need to worry about this power plant taking a lot of your desktop space. Go on and try planting one in your home or office, and for sure, those who will see that will sure ask you where you got it!

Here’s a summary of what the product includes:

• One ceramic planter designed to resemble a nuclear cooling plant
• Organic soil and wheatgrass seeds
• Irony (depending on your position) with just a hint of controversy

To buy the Power Planter, simply click here.

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