Go Back in Time with the Inkless Graphite Quill

In these modern days, when smartphones and other touchscreen gadgets rule, we’ve seen how convenient life has become with the introduction of new technology. Well, although not all people are into techie stuff, we could all say that technology indeed has brought so many advantages in some ways not only in forms of entertainment but also in our day-to-day routine as a whole. Just take writing for example. Do you still see yourself writing using quill and ink just to communicate that message to your friends or loved ones? No, right? But if you’re among the few who want to go back in time and want to experience such, only this time without the ink, you can always try using the Inkless Graphite Quill.

At first look, you might think that this one is just like one of those sharpened-points of the flight-feathers of birds, but it’s not. This one is actually a hand-sculpted quill-shaped graphite that allows you to write in pure metal, less the mess. It comes in two sizes: small which is 4 inches long by 1.5 inches wide and large which is 6.5 inches by 1.75 inches. This fits comfortably in your hand, so no need to worry whether it’s good to go back in time writing in pure metal or not. And yes, it requires no ink, so you can write without smudging the page or your hands. It also last for up to 9 years even with daily use, so would you still want to use that typical ballpoint pen of yours?

Get the Inkless Graphite Quill here.

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