Giada i53 Mini PC – The PC that You Can Take Anytime, Anywhere

More and more people these days are now doing away with their PCs, and switch to more convenients like smartphone, laptop, or tablet. However, each of these has its own inconveniences too – the smartphone, for one, is quite small and is not too relia

ble when it comes to your computing needsl; the laptop, on the other hand, could not be as efficient as the PC in terms of performance; and the tablet, although it’s compact and a few of its models have bigger memory capacity, is also not as reliable as the PC in terms of computing. So if

you want to experience the same high performance that a PC provides but don’t want the inconvenience of carrying a bulky and heavy stuff every time you’re on the go, then the Giada i53 Mini PC is the perfect gadget for you.

Measuring only 192 x 155 x 26 mm, the Giada i53 is one of the slim PCs that you can get if you’re after portability. So whether you’re off to a grand vacation out of the country or simply spending a weekend getaway with the family, this geek gadget won’t bring you any hassle at all. Now if you’re just inside your home, this will work great as your home theater PC, as it consumes far less electricity than a typical desktop PC does. And since this packs an Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor standard, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive into its sub-one kilogram, you can expect that it will provide you with the same high performance that your old PC offers.

Summary of features:

– Featuring the NVIDIA™ ION™ graphics solution coupled with the low power Intel Atom N330 dual core processor.
– 10x faster graphics and video encoding.
– Premium DirectX 10 graphics with advanced digital display connectivity
– The perfect combination of PC, Full HD1080p video player and 3D gaming system
– Ideal infotainment solution for streaming movies, TV shows, music and other online media.
– Very affordable, space-saving PC and perfectly balances extreme value with functionality.
– Premium Windows experience with Windows Vista and Windows 7

Excited to have the Giada i53? Since this won’t be out until the third quarter, you may want to check out related Giada PC here.

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