Get a Hold of Your Heart Rate with Wahoo Fitness Blue HR

When shaping up this new year and burning those party fats, your calories and steps are not just the things to watch out for. As important is monitoring your heart rate to see if you are following your fitness program right. And if you are looking for a new heart rate monitor to keep you company on your runs, Wahoo is more than happy to introduce you to its new Fitness Blue HR – the first ever Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor. Bluetooth Smart technology is the latest energy efficient wireless technology that offers wider range coverage and longer battery life. By using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, this device can connect and communicate directly with iPhone 4S and other Bluetooth Smart Ready gadgets to provide you with real-time heart rate data.

Another benefit of using the Wahoo Fitness Blue Heart Rate Monitor is that it allows you to put and view your beats per minute, music, phone, and maps into a single portable device like the iPhone. It also works seamlessly with popular App Store fitness apps including MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, 321Run, Runmeter, and MotionX. Furthermore, this device is not limited to a single platform or apps for maximum customization regardless of device being used or preferred sports. The Wahoo Fitness Blue HR Monitor is tagged at $79.99. Wahoo also offers an optional armband for iPhone 4S.

Get the Wahoo Fitness Blue HR device here.

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