Genius Ring Presenter – World’s First Ring Style Thumb Controller

Do you always stay seated when giving presentations or lectures simply because you still need to move the mouse or the mouse pad when switching slides? If yes, then it’s time you get this Genius Ring Presenter. Dubbed as the world’s first ring style thumb controller, this ring presenter gives you the flexibility that you need when doing presentations either for business or education. It is made with a lightweight design and human oriented ring style air-presenter with mouse functions, so you don’t have to stay seated all throughout your presentation or go back near your laptop from time to time just to switch slides or change PowerPoint documents.

So, what are some of the mouse functions that this ring presenter can do? Well, since this features US Patent design (No 7298362 B2) touch control air-presenter technology, you are able to gain full access to control powerpoint slides, left and right button, play/exit, last/next page, and laser pointer for more emphasis on the topics or images you are presenting. Moreover, this comes with the in-air mouse function, so you are just like using an actual mouse with the same functions and cursor movements, left/middle/right buttons, dragging and 4-way scrolling, without that bulky feel. This really makes a great tool not just for presentations but also for browsing Internet pages and documents in locations such as plane and bus.

Want to have this nifty gadget accessory from Genius? Then order the Ring Presenter here.

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