GE WattStation – Commercial and Residential Charging for Electric Vehicle

With the soaring gas prices today, more and more people are considering buying fuel-efficient vehicles and do away with their gas guzzlers. But a few people are seemingly interested in trying out electric vehicles. Well who wouldn’t, considering the exciting possibilities that electric cars present? Electric vehicles were actually first introduced during the middle of the 19th century. But they had only grown in popularity when petroleum-based transportation had created big environmental impact during the last few decades. So in the effort to go green, electric cars today are continuously innovated to cater to the changing demands of clients. And to make owning one a lot more convenient, GE, one of the leading names in providing world-class quality industrial solutions, offers the GE WattStation – your one-of-a-kind charging solution for electric vehicles.

There are actually two options available for this – the pedestal and the wall mount.

The pedestal option exudes a beautiful, modular design that’s ready to support the latest emerging technologies. Perfect both for commercial and residential use, this provides level 2 capability for faster charging time as compared to the standard plug-in charging.

Meanwhile, the wall mount option is more for home use, and GE actually partnered with ServiceMagic, one of the leading names when it comes to connecting consumers with service professionals, so they can provide a team of qualified technicians for hassle-free installation of the GE WattStation in homes.

This charging solution from GE really promises a lot to electric vehicle manufacturers and owners alike. Well, considering its benefits, the GE WattStation is really something to look forward to.

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