Gavio’s The Pill – Docking Speaker for Ipod Nano 6th Gen

When your head aches, you pop a pill, right? The same is true when your stomach aches or you catch a fever. In fact, even as simple as catching a cold or cough, you also pop a pill to relieve you from the discomfort. There are actually a lot of things that one can do in order to get relief from various medical conditions which are often brought by stress, but the simplest and the most common is by popping a pill. And so, Gavio has thought about the same concept when they created The Pill, only that this pill is not made for popping but for enjoying music, which is also one best form of getting stress relief.

Take a look at the image above and there’s no wonder why it’s named as such. But The Pill is not your typical pill, it’s actually a docking speaker for your iPod Nano 6th Gen. You see, whether you’ve experienced it or not, music can do wonders to our body system. When we get up in the morning and listen to some upbeat music, we feel upbeat too, right? And when we’re off to bed at night and play some classical or slow music, we feel relaxed and dozed off to sleep because of the soothing music, right? So really, music can do a lot for us, and for some depressed people, it can actually do more than just relaxing the mind and body, it can also heal.

The name Pill really fits the product well. So, interested to get one? Or want to check out other options? Okay, feel free to browse these related iPod Nano Speakers.

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