Galileo – Your Personal iOS Device in Motion

You can now maximize the use of your iOS devices with the new Galileo – a revolutionary iOS-operated robotic iPhone platform that has endless spherical rotation capability. This innovative device provides remote-controlled motion for your iOS device perfect for a wide range of applications like cinematography, photography, social networking, and video conferencing. Capturing in different angles for up to 360-degree pan-and-tilt with speeds up to 200° per second is now made more powerful and easier with the Galileo.

This device can let you do many things you’ve probably never thought would be possible. You can use the Galileo to take fantastic transition shots, panning down, panning across and up, or even mount the device on rails and make a mini-rig for your iPhone camera. You can also use it for remote learning, like following the professor around the classroom or take a look at other students who are asking questions. While away, Galileo can let you see what you want to see and not just what your babysitter wants to show you thus letting you effectively monitor your baby. The Galileo is likewise perfect for video calls and conferencing by allowing you to stay connected while you follow every action.

To take advantage of these capabilities, simply swipe your finger across the screen of your iPad, iPhone, or web browser or move the mouse to take control of the movement of the Galileo and your device. You can even integrate the Galileo functionalities into existing apps or build an entirely new app or software to combine Galileo with other hardware like camera rails. It can be mounted on any tripod using its standard tripod screw and can charge your device while plugged in using its included USB cable. The Galileo uses a rechargeable Lithium polymer battery so you can easily use and bring it anywhere you need it.

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