Fully Charge your iPhone with the iWALKUSA 2000

Your iPhone 4 or 4S is a mobile phone, MP3 player, video player, camera, video recorder, gaming console, and notebook in one. And this could be the very same reason why you bought it in the first place. But because of all these features, its battery may not last long enough. Try using your iPhone for a day, enjoying all these features, and you will notice that it’s running out of juice fast. You don’t want to be charging it from time to time, do you? So for a heavy iPhone user like you, what you need is something that will fully charge your iPhone without the need to do it everytime – something like the iWALKUSA 2000.

Basically, the iWALKUSA 2000 is a high capacity, 2000mAh, lithium polymer battery that lasts up to 500 full charges. So if you dread the thought of running out of juice for your iPhone 4 or 4S during a long trip, then this is exactly what you need. It actually comes in 5 different color cases such as white, black, pink, lime, and yellow, so you’ve got plenty of options there. And since it is designed not to interfere with your device’s camera or charging port, you need not worry about removing it from time to time. It is also quick and easy to sync to iTunes, has an ON/OFF switch , a hand strap hole, and a LED battery life meter display, which informs you if your iPhone is close to losing battery or not.

So, if you’re a heavy iPhone user who’s always on the go, then this is just perfect iPhone accessory for you. Get the iWALKUSA 2000 here now!

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