Free Your Creativity with Wacom Intuos5 Tablet

Photographers, designers, artists, and other professionals who work with digital media need not worry about their creative freedom being restrained by technology. As the need for a more powerful and versatile tablet that can cater to the demands of professional multimedia creators rises, Wacom stepped up and launched the new Intuos5 tablet.

The Intuos5 features an ergonomic and ambidextrous design in a bold, slim profile perfect for professionals like photographers, designers, and other artists. It boasts new notable features that create a fully immersive experience like multi-touch gesture for more intuitive input, an exclusive Express View display for efficient workflow, wireless connection for ease of use and convenience, and also Wacom’s famous pen pressure and tilt responsive pen for creativity. The multi-touch feature of the Intuos5 lets users zoom, scroll, pan, and rotate digital content. It also allows customization of gestures for specific applications to make input navigation easier and more hassle-free. The Intuos5 Grip Pen, on the other hand, can register 2048 pen pressure levels and up to 60 degrees pen tilt to emulate the same response, effects, and feel of standard tools like paint brushes, markers and pens. To make the Intuos5 a wireless device, you need to install the separately sold Wireless Accessory kit which can be purchased at Wacom’s e-store.

The Intuos5 tablet comes in matte-black and soft-touch finish with illuminated accents for a stylish, durable design. It is offered in 3 different sizes and models including Intuos5 touch Small sold at $229.95 USD, Medium for $349.95 USD and Large at $469.95 USD. You can get a Wacom Intuos5 here!

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