Flying Rocket Alarm Clock – Buzzing Sound Out, Simulated Countdown In

Is your little boy having a hard time waking up in the morning? Why don’t you let him use that old alarm clock – the buzzing sound will sure send him off his bed? Oh, you tried it already but to no avail? Jeez, you’ve got one heavy sleeper there! Hmmm maybe he wants an alarm that’s far from the ordinary. Buzzing sound is kind of typical, and for young kids like yours, this won’t do the trick. So, why not try something unique instead? Here, check out the Flying Rocket Alarm Clock!

The moment your little one sees this, his eyes will sure beam with brightness because he’ll think that this is not an alarm clock but a toy. And does he show special interest in rocket ships and other space related stuff? If yes, then that’s great! This geek gadget will sure work more than just an alarm clock, but a cool room display that will remind of his rocket ship interest from time to time.

Anyway, going back to the alarm clock feature of this product, basically instead of a buzzing sound, this one gives off simulated countdown that’s loud enough to wake up your sleeping kiddo. But if your little boy doesn’t budge, then the ringing sound that goes with the rocket’s take off will

sure do the trick.

So, what do you think about this? And hey, this only requires 4 AAA batteries to work and available in two color combination – black/white and red/white. Get the Flying Rocket Alarm Clock here now!

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