FlashHarp Harmonica USB – Ordinary Flash Drive No More

Flash drive – one of the most common forms of file storage these days as transferring digitally is deemed far more convenient than any other means. Do you have one? For sure, you have – it might not be inside your bag or your pocket now, but I bet you have one in stock at home or in the office. And when the need arises for you to store files, it’s good to have one always available. But is that all what your flash drive do – store files? Oh, that’s so ordinary! Here, read on about this FlashHarp Harmonica USB and see how you can make the most out of your flash drive.

The FlashHarp is not your ordinary flash drive as it offers more that no other flash drive can – yes, it can be used as a playable harmonica at the same time! Featuring brass reeds, reed plates, and a plastic “comb”, this nifty gadget is sure a great-sounding little instrument that’s just perfect for those who find playing the harmonica their favorite past time. And since this comes with a fun, 10-minute harmonica instruction video, even those who want to play this instrument for the first time will be able to learn how to do so – fast and easy.

With this added function, will you still leave your USB flash drive at home or in the office at that? I don’t think so. Now, you have more reason why you should carry it around, all the time. And if you decide to take playing the harmonica seriously, then you might want to check out our harmonica options here.

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