Find your Glasses in No Time with the FOFA Glass Finder

If you are dependent on your glasses, you can’t afford to lose them not even for a couple of minutes. And so, it can be really frustrating if you misplace them and you need to work on an urgent project or have an important appointment. If only glasses also have some sort of alarm, losing them won’t be such a dilemma. But hey, there’s just a solution to that! Ever heard about FOFA – the provider of Fine One, Find All Key Finder & Remote Control Locators? If yes, then be very excited because they have added another great product in their product line and it’s called the FOFA Glass Finder.

This additional product from FOFA actually comes with built-in lanyard, so this can be worn in 2 ways – one is the traditional way whereas the fabric ropes are longer and two is the more sporty way with the ropes shorter this time. What’s the advantage of having the lanyard? Well, so your glasses won’t fall off while you’re wearing them! Take note, however, that in order to use your Glasses FOFA, you must have at least one other FOFA of any shape.

Here are the specs of this product:

Size : 1.9″ x 1″ x 0.3″ (50mm x 25mm x 8mm)
Weight : 1/2oz (including battery)
Battery / Battery Life : 2032 Coin cell (included) 1 year of normal use
Lanyard length : Adjustable Total length Approx 12-24″ (25cm to 50cm)
Sound Frequency Level : 3kHz (2 tone sound) – Approx 92dB
Range : 60ft (20m) – (Clear line of sight conditions)

Get the FOFA Glass Finder and other related products here.

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