Feel Safer at Night with the ila Wedge Door Alarm

Staying home alone at night can be such an awesome experience for some. But for others, this isn’t so because they couldn’t sleep well with just the thought that an intruder might come in while they’re sleeping. The same is actually true for a few people who travel frequently and need to stay in a hotel room overnight or for a couple of nights at that. Well, we really can’t blame them since we don’t really know when these intruders might attack. What we do know, however, is that there’s a way for them to get over with that uneasy feeling about staying solo at night. And that’s through this door alarm called ila Wedge.

You see, the ila Wedge Door Alarm works by setting off an ear-splitting arm whenever an intruder tries to force entry at your hotel room door or even at your very own home. All you need to is to turn the slide switch of this door alarm to “ON” position, and then jam it under the door to make it difficult for any intruder to open. Now, when someone forces the door to open and the ila Wedge’s swing cover swung approximately 1.5 degree and latched, it will be activated and off goes that nerve-wracking alarm. No one will ever dare enter your room again once they hear the alarm, so you’re left to sleep in peace. Remember of course to switch the alarm off by simply turning it to “OFF” position.

Here are more specs of this product:

– Weight: With batteries 67g
– Size: L140(mm) X W57(mm) X H33.5(mm)
– Battery life: 4 X LR43 alkaline button cells (replaceable)
– Volume: 130dB
– Testing: CE

Get the ila Wedge Door Alarm here.

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