Expand your Network Connection with Linksys PLEK400 Powerline AV 1-Port Network Adapter Kit

If you’ve got lots of Ethernet enabled devices such as PC, laptop, game console, Blu-ray player, and LED TV inside your home, then you need a wider network coverage in order to enjoy all its great features such as online gaming and streaming video to the TV at high speed. This is where Linksys PLEK400 Powerline AV 1-Port Network Adapter Kit comes in. Simply pair it with any Linksys E-series router and you’re off to expanding your network connection for online gaming and HD video streaming using electrical outlets. It features high speed of up to 200 Mbps, so you can start saying goodbye to lag and buffering whenever you connect your devices to the Internet. Yes, from downloading large files to streaming 1080p HD videos to your LED TV, this Powerline network will definitely provide you with a much smoother experience than your router alone.

But apart from universal connectivity and high speed, there are many other reasons why this kit is a good buy. One, it’s very easy to setup. Yes, no CD needed – just plug the adapter into wall outlet for connectivity. Two, it has push button security – to activate it, just press the button on each device to lock out unauthorized users. And three, it’s plug and play. That easy!

So, would you still settle on your router alone or would you rather use one of these kits to enjoy your Ethernet enabled devices more? If you choose the latter, then order the Linksys PLEK400 Powerline AV 1-Port Network Adapter Kit here.

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