Eton American Red Cross FRX3 – Multifunctional Emergency Crank Radio

Emergencies may happen at any place and time that’s why it is always important to have your personal emergency supplies ready in advance. There’s no harm in stocking up a first aid and survival kit, food supplies like canned goods, and emergency supply like the new Eton FRX3 Radio.

The Eton FRX3 is an innovative and brilliant emergency crank radio that helps to keep you connected and informed about the happenings and situation outside or to the rest of the world in case you are trapped in an isolated place or somewhere else. Since calamity or crisis usually involves power outage, the use of the Eton FRX3 Radio does not require any electricity but simply by cranking. It even has an internal battery that charges up using solar energy through the solar panels lined up above the Eton FRX3. What’s more interesting about the Eton FRX3 is that it not just functions as a crank radio but LED flashlight for your light source and USB charger for recharging your precious gadgets as well. Additionally, you can easily use and spot the Eton FRX3 Radio even in dark areas thanks to its glow-in-the-dark outline.

For $60 bucks, you can already have a multifunctional radio that can help you in any urgent situation. Go get your own Eton American Red Cross FRX3 here now!

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