Epson Moverio BT-100 – Enhance your World

With the different options available for cool gadgets today, it can be quite confusing which one to get. Of course, you need to consider your interests before you pick one – if you’re into photography, then either a point-and-shoot digicam or DSLR is for you, but if you’re into games, then your best bet would be a gaming console. Getting a gadget really depends on your interests or your needs. And if you’ve got multiple needs there, no worries because some gadgets are designed for multi-purpose too. Here’s one of them – the Moverio BT-100 from Epson.

The Moverio is actually a head-mounted 3D display that allows you to watch movies, surf the web, communicate with friends, and many other things. It works like a projector, only at a smaller size, and its projected image size appears like an 80-inch display viewed from 5 meters away. Want to watch movies but don’t want it on TV? Then, wear one of these Moverios and enjoy crystal clear images that you’ve never seen before. It comes with a portable controller and headset, so it’s made more convenient for users to browse, shop and stay connected. Now, do you want to play games? No need to shut it down and turn to a separate gaming console because this also features an interactive trackpad for gamers. And if you want to surf the web, you can also do so as this product runs on Android 2.2 platform with Adobe® Flash® 11 support, allowing you to stream content from your favorite flash-based websites through a Wi-Fi connection.

There’s really a lot of amazing features that you’d definitely enjoy with this product. So, go and get yourself the Epson Moverio BT-100 now!

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