Enjoy Single Wheel Fun with The Motorized Monocycle

This weird-looking monocycle is a must-try for those who want to experience real single wheel fun. At first look, you might mistaken it for a giant wheel. Well, it does look like one, only that it’s motorized, and you have to sit in the middle of tha

t thing if you want to ride it. Quite unusual,

as you might say, since you’re used to sitting above the wheel when riding a motorcycle, bicycle, or unicycle, but this one will sure be worth a try to transport you around at speeds up to 25 MPH.

The Monocycle is actually not new in the motorcycle industry since back in the late 19th century, monocycle pedal-powered monowheels were introduced. The only difference with that one is that it’s pedal powered while the Monocycle is motorized, making this newer version a lot more convenient and easy to use. It’s basically powered by a 31cc, four-stroke 1 1/2-hp engine, which may not be enough to take you to your destination at high speeds but it’s enough to get you around as long as the distance isn’t too far. It’s also very economical, so instead of taking your car around the neighborhood, might as well use this.

Weird as this may seem, this Monocycle is something that you sure don’t want to miss if you want to ride something that’s not only unique but also economical. You can try and get The Motorized Monocycle here.

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