Elgato Tivizen – Free On the Air TV Shows Anytime and Anywhere

Enjoy your favorite over-the-air TV shows anywhere using your PC, iPad or iPhone with the help of Tivizen mobile TV receiver. The Elgato Tivizen’s receiver comes with a small and extendable aerial that can receive DVB-T signals like Freeview or DTT. The receiver works by creating its own Wi-Fi hotspot which lets it transmit TV signal over a computer, iPad, or iPhone. What’s more interesting about the Tivizen is that it does not require internet connection and data plans when you watch the free-to-view TV shows on your iPhone or iPad. The Tivizen has 3 significant software to let you watch TV shows whatever device you are using. It comes with EyeTV software for your Mac, THC software for Windows 7 and the amazing Tivizen app for your iPad and iPhone. When using the Tivizen app, you can do more things ordinary TVs can’t even dream of like pausing, rewinding, and recording live TV shows on your mobile devices. It can even let you view TV shows that are currently on air and see the show schedule for the next seven days. Recorded TV show can also be transferred to a PC for future review or referrence.

In case you missed to watch your favorite TV show “anywhere” part, Tivizen really does mean anywhere. You can take this device and your favorite iOS device with you on your travels and even save the channel list on the place you visited. DVB subtitles are also provided when you are watching TV shows from foreign countries. When used at home, Tivizen can connect to an existing wireless home network and all the TV signal from this device is automatically shared throughout the network – cable and clutter free. Other noteworthy features include a handy USB mode where this device behaves like a USB tuner stick and lithium-ion rechargable battery with advanced power management that can last up to 3.5 hours when streaming movies on the go.

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