EeeBox PC EB1030 – Your Little Green Machine

There are your regular small form factor (SFF) PCs, minimalist desktop comput

ers that are small and lightweight. And there is the new ASUS EeeBox PC EB1030, smaller, lighter, and a whole lot greener. The EeeBox PC is a 1 Liter sized eco-PC powered by the latest Intel Atom Cedar Trail Dual Core processor. This new generation of EeeBox weighs only about 0.7 kilogram and is so compact that it is comparatively smaller than a notebook. It is designed to be Earth’s next best friend with its 90 percent recyclability rate and conservative construction that uses only 1/25th of the materials or a regular desktop PC. Its annual power is less 68.5 percent lower than the Energy Star v5.2 specifications. In short, it is one of the most environment-friendly, energy-efficient, and bill-saving PC out there.

The ASUS EeeBox PC EB1030 features a rotatable mount kit that allows it to be rotated behind a monitor for easy port access. IT also comes with D-sub and HDMI ports for dual display functionality. Add the COM port that supports different business solutions like bar code scanners, production equipments, POS machine, and printers, and you have a compact and productive green machine at your disposal.


CPU: Intel Atom D2550 Dual Core 1.86GHz
Chipset: Intel NM10
Graphic : Integrated
Memory: 1 GB Up to

4 GB 2 x SO-DIMM
Storage: 320GB Up to 500GB SATA II or 16GB Up to 32GB SSD

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