Eco-Pulse – A Smart Power Meter

Do you always get the shock of your life when the monthly electricity bill arrives? If you’re a pretty big energy user, perhaps you’re no longer surprised to see your soaring bill; but if you’re not, once you’ve seen how huge the amount is that you have to pay for electricity, for sure you’ll wonder, “How on Earth did that happen?” This can be very disappointing, especially if you are following a strict monthly budget for all your utilities. But what could really be the problem? Well, maybe that’s because of the added appliance you recently bought, or perhaps you simply overlooked to check how much electricity you’ve consumed so far. But whatever the reason is, you can never do anything about it now. So instead of figuring out how that happened, might as well focus on what you can do the next time – a good solution to that is to monitor your energy consumption using the Eco-Pulse.

At first look, you’ll probably think it’s just like a stethoscope, but it’s actually not. Well it does work somewhat similar to a stethoscope, but the main difference is that this one amplifies and reads electrical pulse of appliances instead of the human heart. So when you use one, you’ll know how much power your appliances use and would have a rough estimate as to how high your energy consumption will be for the month. But the advantage of using this geek gadget does not end there. Apart from power usage, this one measures power wastage too! All you need to do is record the data by pressing on the capture button located on the right side of the device. Once you’ve captured all the needed power consumption data, simply detach the strap and plug Eco-pulse into a computer to transfer the data. Here, you can easily pinpoint the main sources of power

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wastage, thus you can take immediate action to resolve the problem.

So, what do you think about this gadget?

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