Eclipse litetouch Keyboard – Class and Convenience in One Workspace

You workspace is pretty much an extension of your personality and if you want your workstation as professional and classy as you are – it pays to pay attention to details. Even a slight upgrade to the most common item on your desk, like your keyboard, can go a long way in turning your workstation into a refined extension of yourself. That’s where the new Eclipse litetouch Keyboard comes in. An innovative keyboard with class and personality a plenty. This advanced keyboard is specially made for desktop use and it features a metal finish, top cabinet, and Eclipse’s quiettouch low profile backlit scissor keys. It is the perfect stylish addition to any home or office desktop.

The main feature of the litetouch Keyboard is its special touch sensitive LCD 3-in-1 touch panel. This touch panel and its media, numerical-pad, and MyEclipse modes give users complete control over their digital experience. These modes hold different commands that can be used for different functions ranging from something as simple as a calculator to something as complex as multimedia center control. When the MyEclipse mode is used, it can be personalized to access your favorite websites and launch your most used applications with a simple touch of a button. It displays 12 pre-set icons that cover categories like shopping, finance, health and entertainment. Up to three websites and an application can be linked to each icon. Additionally, the MyEclipse mode has an extra room for 4 numbered buttons that can be assigned to other categories not included on the pre-defined 12 icons.

Other Features:

• litetouch LCD touch-sensitive Media Panel
• Trueview backlit keys
• Low profile quiettouch scissor keys
• Softtouch palm rest
• Slim profile

You can also check out Eclipse litetouch here at GeekieStore.

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