earHero – Earphones for the Elite and the Professional

If you thought your earpiece can’t be more elite or professional – think again. Made for the likes of Bond, Bourne, and Hunt, the new earHero earphones are one of the most elite of earphones. They’re not exactly designed for your average audiophiles but more for security personnel and secret service. Why settle of earphones with the traditional and apparently obvious coiled tube screaming secret service when you can use the earHero? Developed and created by industry audio experts, the earHero’s speakers are so minuscule that they’d never obstruct your ear canal. Their speakers are small enough that you can talk on a phone or with someone, or hear low volume sounds yards away even with the earHero on. Additionally, the wires of this elite earpiece are very thin, lightweight and clear that you might even forget they’re there.

For improved sound quality and comfort, especially on two-way radios, earHero earphones can replace the coiled tube of regular earphones by taking out the button speaker located at the bottom of the coiled tube and attaching it to the earHero’s separately sold 2-pin adapter. When the adapter is connected to the radio, you can then plug the 3.5mm plug on the earHero into the adapter. When installed, expect better audio quality, less ear fatigue and improved awareness of ambient sounds.

You can get an earherosport here.

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earHero "Worlds Safest Earphone...Hear Everything"
earHero "Worlds Safest Earphon...
earHero "Worlds Safest Earphone...Hear Everything"
earHero "Worlds Safest Earphon...

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