Dyson Airblade – The Hand Dryer that Works Like No Other

Are you still satisfied with your old, boring hand dryer? If your old hand dryer is starting to act up on you, then it’s high time you get replacement. But before you get another typical hand dryer there, why not look into this new dryer called the Dyson Airblade? Although it does dry your hands like the usual hand dryer, its mechanism is very much different and its design is far better than the one you currently own.

Take a look at the image of the all-new Dyson Airblade – it’s uniquely designed, right? And it weighs only about 32lbs. and measures 25.25in x 12.0in x 10in, so you won’t have to worry about it taking so much of your home space. It’s made primarily with die-cast aluminum casing and features metallic silver/gloss lacquer finish, so it’s going to serve you for a longer period.

Now, you might ask, “How does it work then if it works totally different from a typical hand dryer?” Well, the major difference is that, in this product, you won’t place your hands under the dryer but instead, you’d have to place them into it without ever touching any surface. While your hands are into it, the Airblade will scrape the water from every crevice of your hand (yes, even under your ring), and then will gently dry them more quickly and thoroughly in just twelve seconds. How cool is that? It’s basically made with infra-red sensors to detect the hands and requires no heating element, consuming considerable less energy than the usual dryer.

So, what else would you need – this product certainly provides you with more? Get the Dyson Airblade here now!

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