Drobo Mini – Small in Size But Big in Storage

There’s no more excuse now why you can’t bring all your important files with you when traveling. Out with that old USB flash drive and in with the Drobo Mini – the high-capacity storage that can accommodate even up to 3TB1 of usable and protected data.

Lots of people out there opt to leave most of their files in their laptops because they no longer want to bring a separate bulky portable hard drive. However, laptops are not designed to carry a higher capacity, not even up to 3TB1. So chances are, when they really need to bring huge amount of files, they settle on bringing a bulky portable drive which is very inconvenient. This won’t be the case however if they use the Drobo Mini. Weighing only about 3 pounds and measuring like the size of a deli sandwich, this newest Drobo product is definitely the perfect storage for people who are always on the go. It is also designed to take 2.5″ drives, so it’s really portable, And since its casing is made of cutting-edge metallic carbon fiber with a soft-touch rubberized finish, you can expect that this will last long even with daily use.

But what’s more exciting about this is that it uses Thunderbolt I/O technology, so you get fast performance that no other personal storage can provide especially one that’s made so portable. So if you wish to transfer large amounts of data,

this will definitely make it a lot more convenient for you.

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