Drobo 5D – Your Personal Professional Storage Just Got Faster

If you are an enthusiast running a small server on your own home or simply a compul

sive digital hoarder, chances are you are burning through your available storage space faster than you can spell Terabyte. Good thing there is the new Drobo 5D, a high performance storage array specially made to meet the data storage demands of multimedia professionals, enthusiasts, and pathological digital content collectors. Not only did the new Drobo 5D inherit the fully automated functionality of its predecessors, it also received a lightning-fast performance upgrade. This storage array comes with the latest Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interface and support for solid state drives (SSDs) making it one of the fastest storage solutions out there. The Drobo 5D, just like other Drobo products, is a simple to use, expandable, flexible, and secure HDD and SSD array where you can entrust your photos, videos, and other important personal data.

The new Drobo 5D uses the award winning Drobo’s exclusive BeyondRaid technology that overcomes the limitations of traditional RAID setup. This technology allows drives to be added on the fly with zero down time and it also protects your data without the need for user interaction even in case of multiple drive failures. One of the most significant enhancements found in Drobo 5 is its use of dual Thunderbolt ports that is up to 5 times faster than previous Drobos. Six Drobo

5D can be chained together using Thunderbolt connection to achieve a 96TB storage capacity with 10 Gbps transfer rate. For non Mac user, there is the latest generation USB 3.0 port that also offers high performance connectivity and backward compatibility to various computer systems. Other features of the Drobo 5D includes Data-Aware Tiering technology that accelerates drive performance using SSDs and a backup battery that prevents potential data loss after a power loss.

You can also check out other Drobo model like Drobo FS here.

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Drobo 5D: Direct Attached Storage - 5 bay array - USB 3 and 2 x Thunderbolt 2...
Drobo 5D: Direct Attached Stor...

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