Draw, Color, and More on your iPad with the Griffin LightBoard

There’s so much that you can do with your iPad – surf the web, play games, communicate with friends, read e-book, create documents, and more. And if you have kids around, all the more you need to explore what this cool gadget can give you. How about some fun drawing and coloring time? It will sure be a fun and productive bonding moment with your little ones. So to help you get started on this, you must equip your iPad with this latest product from Griffin called the LightBoard case.

Okay, at first glance you might think that it’s just one of those typical iPad cases, only that it’s made more colorful. But it actually functions more than that – it works as an art table too! Your little ones will sure have fun time drawing, writing, and playing with your iPad more as this case is custom-built for Griffin’s LightBoard Trace app (which can be downloaded from the App Store for free). Once you’ve downloaded the LightBoard trace, your kids can enjoy up to 35 different things to draw, together with fun animations and games that will sure teach them how to first write their names. And for some creative activities, just slide a piece of paper into the case’s clipboard frame, launch the app, and their off to more fun time.

To get the Griffin LightBoard, just click here.

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