DFX Dynamax Core Trainer 2 – Gives You A Remarkable Core and Upper Body Workout

With the onset of various workout equipment these days, finding one that will best help you meet your workout goals can be daunting. So to help you narrow down your search, he first thing that you should do is to determine which part of your body needs workout the most. Is it your arms and legs? Or perhaps, it’s your belly. How about your whole body? If you are looking into improving only a portion of your body such as your core and upper body, then you must focus on it and use specialized equipment to better meet your fitness goal. And here’s one that you can consider – the DFX Dynamax Core Trainer 2.

Designed to give you a remarkable core and upper body workout, the Dynamax Core Trainer 2 is used by pulling the easy starter cord and holding on for that gyroscopic ride that you have never experienced before! You’ll then begin to experience body sculpting variable dynamic resistance building within the machine’s internal gyroscope, and at some time you’ll notice that you’re slowly reaching your goal of having a remarkable core and upper body. Thanks to this machine – it can deliver up to 8,000 RPMs and produce up to 200 pounds of resistance, so that’s absolutely something that no other training equipment can deliver.


• Complete Core Workout
• Weighs less than 3.5 lbs
• Up to 8,000 RPM
• Produces 200 lbs Resistance
• Training DVD
• Wall Chart

Target that core and upper body by using only this machine. Get the DFX Dynamax Core Trainer 2 here.

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