Determine the Best Fishing Time and More with Brunton Weather Clip

Oh, hello there Spring!

Everyone is excited to do more fun activities now that the winter months are over. How about you, what’s your plan? Most families would love to spend it out fishing. Hmmm. Not bad. Why don’t you try it out too for a change? Your kids will surely love it. But before you head out to that fishing site, make sure you know when’s the best time to do it. You can always check the weather bulletin or just look outside the window. But this won’t be of so much help because weather is so unpredictable these days. So, might as well use this Brunton Weather Clip.

This clip actually works like your personal weather station. It helps you determine the best fishing periods by keeping track of changing water conditions, so you know if it’s time to head out or do it the next day instead. But aside from this, it also provides other important information like temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, sunrise/sunset, moon phases, high and low tides, and time/date/day of the week. And it works as an alarm too, so you’ll definitely enjoy using this gadget.

Here’s the complete list of features of this product:

– Time/Date/Day of the Week
– Alarm
– Best Fishing Time
– Sunrise/Sunset
– Moon Phase Graph
– Time Zone Data: Display High/ Low tides and projected High/Low Tide
– Tide Graph of current Tide Zone Status
– Thermometer
– Humidity
– Barometer
– Weather Forecast prediction and Icon
– CR2032 Battery (Included)
– Backlight

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