Detached JuiceTank – Tough Casing and Wireless Direct Charging for iPhone

In the consumer electronics industry the adage is rather simple – if you can make it smaller, by all means do it. If you can cut out the inconveniences, no matter how minor, go for it. And if you can combine two or more gadgets into one – better. Detached followed those simple mantras and came up with a very interesting accessory for iPhone that would put a new perspective to cordless charging. The new Detached JuiceTank case for iPhone 4 and 4S is the first slim case to feature an integrated charger that enables the user to plug and recharge their mobile phone straight into a power outlet. It is the perfect cordless charging device to promote Detached’s catchphrase of “from your pocket to the socket”. The JuiceTank uses a unique case with an integrated folding power connector that can be plugged into any empty AC outlet whenever needed then fold flat back right into its slot when done maximizing convenience and portability.

The Detached JuiceTank is available in smooth jet black edition and limited black with green accent edition. The durable case is made with polycarbonate materials – the same ones used in bulletproof glasses ensuring the proper protection of the housed iPhone.

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