Dell Rolls Out Its New Precision Workstation

As you would never send a boy to do a man’s job, you would not send an ordinary run of the mill desktop to do a professional job – you send in Dell’s Precision Workstations. When it comes to engineering, product design, animation, imaging, and other computing and resource intensive tasks, Dell and its Dell Precision Workstations have proven themselves time in time again that they are the system to rely on. Their latest line of Precision Tower Workstations offer professionals with an even better level of performance for enhanced reliability and productivity. These new professional workstations come with an additional Dell-exclusive Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) that eliminates virtually all memory errors and increases uptime, and a new innovative design that features front accessible hard drives and external removable power supply for ease of access, operation, and maintenance.

Dell’s powerful new series of tower workstations is powered by the latest Intel Xeon eight-core processors and supports third generation PCIe expansion slots and up to 512GB quad channel memory. These new workstations also support a wide range of AMD and NVDIA professional graphics card including AMD FirePro V7900 and NVIDIA Quadro 6000. The new Dell Precision collection includes the top of the line Dell Precision T7600, compact Dell Precision T5600, mid-range Dell Precision T3600, and entry-level Dell Precision T1650.

Find out more Dell Precision products here.

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