Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac – Black Finish, Blue Switches, and Gold Plating

Das has been known to manufacture high quality mechanical keyboards – those keyboards that are popular for their clicking sounds and solid feel. Unlike your typical keyboards with their rubber domes and spongy feel, mechanical keyboards have a certain light feel into it made possible by its design that allows it to register key presses before bottoming out. This inherent feature enables the typist to – well, type without having to waste a lot of energy trying to press a solid piece of key all the way down. Now back to Das, like their other popular keyboards, they took the basic design of mechanical keyboards and brought it to a whole new level – this time, professional Mac level.

The new Das Model S Professional mechanical keyboard for Mac features your not so usual gold-plated Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches, two ports of USB 2.0 hub, and Mac-exclusive special keys. It comes in a glossy black finish with a matching black extended two-meter USB cable. It’s not that the old Apple keyboard is that hard to type on, but if you want something comparably much better, the Das Model S professional is your key (pun intended). Much akin to the famous IBM Model – M, the gold-plated switches of the Das Model S provide a very tactile feedback and audible click for a much more enjoyable typing experience. For gamers and touch typist, the 6-key rollover of this advanced Mac keyboard allows 6-keys to be pressed at the same without the dreaded ghosting. The Model S mechanical keyboard also includes a sleep button, set of quick-access media keys for volume control, mute, stop, pause, next and previous track, brightness, and eject, and Option and Command keys that were native to Mac. The two USB 2.0 ports with dedicated hub connector not only provide more expansion options but also offer faster charging and syncing of iOS devices compared to other keyboards.

Also, you may check out Das Keyboard Model S (except Mac) here.

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