Create your Own Garden Fountain Show with Color Changing Sprinkler

Watering the lawn and garden has long been a boring and mundane task since the time mankind decided to grow their food right out of their own backyard and learned irrigation. Hundreds of years into the future – water sprinklers were developed and watering the lawn evolved into a boring spectacle (except when dogs go crazy over them). Then somebody decided to change all that with the new color-changing sprinkler! This device turns your regular sprinkler to a lively water show using its hydraulic power with LED light inside a clear dome. The sprinkler uses the water pressure to light up and produce 6 different colors from magenta, blue, green, violet, yellow and orange without the need for wires, batteries, or any electrical installation.

The color-changing sprinkler can fit on any standard garden hose and has a clear cleanable dome with O-ring at the base. It includes a quick connect hose connector and 6-inch plastic ground stake. What’s more interesting about this sprinkler is that it is very much eco-friendly since it is safe to use on delicate plants and consumes 30% less water compared to regular sprinkler. The gentle spray of the sprinkler can reach up to 6-1/2 feet high and 19-1/2 feet diameter.

Create your own garden fountain show especially after-dark. Get the color changing sprinkler at GeekieStore!

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