Create 360-degree Panoramic Video on Your iPhone using GoPano Micro

The GoPano micro lens for the iPhone 4 and 4S is as close as an ordinary human can get to the outstanding range of vision of the American woodcock. While this device can beat the American woodcock’s 360 degrees horizontal plane and 180 degrees vertical plane vision, the new GoPano Micro can enable its user to create 360 degrees panoramic videos. Just attach the lens to an iPhone 4 and press record to make amazing interactive 360 degrees videos right away. GoPano micro makes use of a specially curved mirror that collects light from all directions and directs it into the iPhone’s camera. The GoPano application then converts this picture into a breathtaking interactive scenario where the user can manage and control the view. On their computer, they can move their mouse or use their keyboard in the video to transform their view of the scene in 360 degrees. Additionally, using the free GoPano application, users can swipe across the view to pan or spin the iPhone around them to experience the 360 degrees viewing experience. All in all, the new GoPano micro lens offers customers a unique video experience that’s just as good as being there themselves.

The GoPano Micro Lens package includes a custom-made iPhone 4 and 4S case that stays on your phone. When you want to shoot in 360º videos, just attach the GoPano micro to the case. There’s also a protective microfiber pouch where users can safely keep the GoPano micro when not recording.

Product Specifications:
• Supports iPhone 4 and 4S only
• Ultra-wide field of view (360 degrees horizontally and 82 degrees vertically)
• Resolution: 1920 x 456 for iPhone 4S, 1280 x 304 for iPhone 4
• Records complete 360 degrees videos
• Dimensions: 47mm diameter/82 mm height / 28 grams(lens) and 28 grams (iPhone case)

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