COSMOS USB Mini Torch – The Lighting You Need Exactly When You Need It

There isn’t much that you can do in the dark, whether you’re inside a room or outdoors. As a matter of fact, you can’t even do simple things like reading, cycling, finding keys, or just viewing house number at night. So, it’s a must that you always equip yourself with some forms of lighting. Well, you can always keep a small flashlight handy but that isn’t too fun to bring every time. Or perhaps, use your mobile phone’s background lighting but that won’t be of so much help either because the light runs out fast before you even know it. So, why not use this COSMOS USB Mini Torch instead?

Yes, this USB thingy may be a little small but it actually has lots of uses. Have you ever experienced going home late at night and you need to search inside your bag for your keys? Well, this thing can give you the lighting you need exactly when you need it. How about if you want to do some reading at night and your lamp just won’t cooperate? Again, the USB Mini Torch can save the day, oh the night I mean. The list can actually go on and on.

Here’s a brief summary of features of this product:

– Super bright 25 lumens LED & rechargeable lithium battery inside
– Deluxe ABS body and waterproof design
– High output with two functions: emergency strobe and fixed lighting
– 150+minutes of light per 10 minuts USB charged
– Red”charging” indicator changes to green after charged

Want to have this? Purchase the COSMOS USB Mini Torch here.

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