Convert your TV into a Smart TV with the Pocket TV

Today, more and more people are looking into the idea of switching from their old TV to an HDTV with WiFi connectivity, so they can

maximize its use. However, the price of this cool gadget can be hard on the pocket for some, and so they are stuck with their old TV and use their computer instead to access content from the Internet like videos, TV shows, and more. But why settle on that if you can very much convert your old TV into a Smart TV without spending much? Introducing the all-new Pocket TV!

Designed to take your viewing experience to the next level, the Pocket TV is basically a pocket-sized dongle that you can connect to your regular TV’s HDMI port and convert it into a Smart TV. It actually works like a computer, which runs Android 4.0, so once you connect that to your TV, it’ll instantly transform into a Smart TV, one that you’ve always dreamed of having yet you’re always short of budget, so you put off buying it for now. Now, with the Pocket TV, you no longer have to wait until your savings is enough to buy a Smart TV. This geek gadget will definitely help you enjoy a lot of savings, while providing you a much better form of entertainment right at your fingertips.

So, want to surf the web via your TV? Or do you want to do some work on your 50-inch TV, as it offers you a much bigger view? Everything is possible with Pocket TV, so it’s really worth buying. But if you want to see more options first, feel free to check out these related TV converter products.

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