Control and Play Sphero Robotic Ball using your Mobile Device

There’s nothing like an advanced programmable robotic ball to push your cat or dog’s craziness level to the edge. Forget laser pointers and balls of yarn, the new Sphero robotic ball will have your cats and dogs hissing and barking “What kind of techno sorcery is this?” in no time. Sphero is the toy robotic ball that can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Its reliable Bluetooth connectivity allows this toy to have responsive and fluid motions even at long distances. Controlling Sphero from your mobile device of choice is easy – simply tilt, swipe, or swing to make it conquer obstacles or drive your pet nuts with excitement. Package includes Sphero robotic ball, inductive charging base, quick-start guide, and user manual.

Summary of features:

• Control from your smartphone or tablet’s touchscreen
• Downloadable apps deliver exciting, varied gameplay
• Open API lets developers program custom Sphero apps
• Impact-resistant polycarbonate shell for durability
• Customizable colored LEDs
• Battery efficient lasts up to 1 hour of gameplay
• Uses cable-free induction charging
• Compatible with iOS and Android devices
• 180-day limited warranty

The best part about Sphero is that it allows you and your pets to engage in a mixed-reality gameplay. A number of free downloadable apps is available for hours of fun, surprises and games. Sphero’s list of apps includes the new Sphero Chromo a color matching game, Sphero Macrolab for programming Sphero, Sphero Drive controller, Sphero Apps Hub, SpheroCam, Sphero Draw N’ Drive, and Sphero Golf.

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