Conserve Energy with the Aero E Wind Power Generator

With the continuous increase in prices of gasoline, commodities, and other basic goods, all the more we need to find ways in order to save. Yes, we can always resort to cutting some of our not-so-important expenses like dining out every week and giving up some of the little luxuries in life like an out-of-the-country trip, but there are more simple ways than these. Why not start by conserving energy at home? You see, with the number of cool gadgets you have right now, it makes sense to use an eco-friendly charger instead of the usual one. For sure, you know some solar chargers already, and yes they make good options too. But what we’ll feature here right now is something extraordinary – something that uses wind instead of sun to charge your devices. Impossible? No, it’s possible with the Aero E Wind Power Generator!

Perhaps, you’ve already known that energy can be converted from wind to electricity and be transferred wirelessly by means of induction. This is actually the concept behind this Aero E Wind Power Generator. Just attach this device to your window and the converted energy will be transferred through the glass via induction, so there’s basically no need for you to puncture any hole. Try it with your mobile phone first. Simply place your phone on Aero E’s charging pad and wait until your device is fully charged. You can actually track wind patterns too via your phone by downloading the accompanying app.

It’s good to know that there are green gadgets that can help us conserve energy like the Aero E Wind Power Generator. Hopefully, there’s more to come.

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