Connect Your Computer to Your TV Wirelessly with the IOGEAR GUWAVKIT3W6

Do you still connect your CPU to your HDTV or any monitor or projector to watch videos, photos, online content, and more? If yes, well you should know that there’s now a more convenient way to enjoy all those online videos, photos, and content without the long and unattractive cable run. All you need is this geek gadget accessory from IOGEAR – the GUWAVKIT3W6.

IOGEAR knows how inconvenient it is for you to be connecting wires from time to time just to enjoy great videos via the Internet. And so, they made the GUWAVKIT3W6 available – this is basically a wireless 1080P computer to HDTV kit that allows you to enjoy wireless HD video streaming up to 30ft. Now, with this device, you can simply surf the Internet and experience your favorite online videos, shows, and more right at the comfort of your couch. Plus, it’s designed with wireless USB, so it will sure work with your computer’s USB port – no HDMI port needed.


* Allows you to enjoy your content wirelessly – Get home videos, photos, presentations, online videos and social networking all on your big screen TV up to 30ft away
* With an HDMI® / VGA Output – Use HDMI or VGA / DVI* with 3.5mm audio jack (stereo) for a flexible A / V set-up
* Wireless HD Video – Get 1080p video streaming up to 30ft**
* Still image resolution – Up to 1920 x 1080
* Effectively eliminates Cable Clutter – Wirelessly connect your computer to an HD TV, monitor or projector without the long and unattractive cable run
* Ideal For – Home, traveling, office, conference rooms, presentations and more!

To order the IOGEAR GUWAVKIT3W6, just click here.

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