Comfort and Music in One with Tooks Hat

If they can put speakers or earphones into sunglasses, ski mask, helmet, and motorcycle, you reckon they can put earphones to your hat. There’s nothing like a beanie, hat, or headband to keep your head warm and cozy plus with a good music than Tooks – the hats that you can hear.

Tooks are designed with modular speakers hidden in the inner layers of the hat. The headphone speakers contained in Tooks provide superior audio quality for excellent listening experience anywhere you go. Since the speakers are just the size of a half dollar, they produce better sound compared to conventional smaller-sized earphones. The thin speakers are inserted through a small opening inside the back of Tooks. When it’s time to wash the hat, the speakers can be easily removed.

Tooks and the speakers can be bought separately or combined. The hats are available in different styles including all-season performance beanie, all-season performance headband, microfleece headband, Sport knit beanie, urban brimmed beanie, cable knit bomber, ladies cable knit beanie, camouflage knit beanie, and basic knit beanie. Whatever activity you are doing, Tooks have a selection of hats suited to your needs.

Speaker specs are as follows:

Frequency Range: 20-20KHz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Mean SPL: 112 dB/mW
Input Power: 40 mW
Plug: 3.5 mm standard
Cable Length: 48 inches

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