Carry your Medical Info on your Wrist with the CARE Medical History Bracelet

For sure, you’ve seen TV shows or movie scenes wherein during 911 cases like accident or medical emergencies, the 911 team that responds to the scene asks relatives or friends of the victim about his/her medical history. Scenes like these also happen in real life, and if you happen to be the victim’s relative, it pays to know his/her medical info, so the rescue team can administer medical care correctly. But what if you happen to be the victim and you’re simply staying with roommates or colleagues and they barely know your medical information? You sure don’t want the medical care that will be provided to you get messed up, right? So, if you think you’re alone most of the time, it is sure wise to invest in this CARE Medical History Bracelet.

Dubbed as the world’s first and only personal USB drive-integrated wristband that is pre-loaded with essential medical history and life-saving data, this CARE bracelet helps prevent medical mistakes and dangerous drug interactions while providing medical care. You see, there are lots of cases in which a matter of minute or even a second can make a lot of difference in saving life. And so, the more accessible the medical info of the victim is, the better.

To use this medical history bracelet, just enter your complete personal health history into the software – from info on allergic reactions and medications to past illnesses or surgeries – and that’s it! To access this info, emergency personnel will just have to connect the band into any PC, including laptops via USB. This can also be updated anytime and can be printed out to have a hard copy.

Want to have this gadget? Get the CARE Medical History Bracelet here today.

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