Capture your Best Games in HD with Avermedia Game Caputre HD

In the past, you still need to connect to a PC if you want to capture your best games in HD. This can be very time-consuming, as you still have to connect annoying cables from your HDTV to your consoles to your PC. And so AverMedia designed a better way to make this process a lot more convenient to you – do away with the PC and connect your game console to their exciting new product called the Game Capture HD.

Utilizing advanced HD H.264 hardware compression technology, the Game Capture HD provides you only with improved storage effectiveness while keeping the high quality video of any gameplay. It also takes any real-time gaming experience to the next level, as it eliminates the typical problem of gamers when recording gameplays which is hardware compression. Now, how about file management? Well, this product is made with an intuitive user interface, so it’s a lot easier for you to configure the snapshot and recording settings. It also provides a thumbnail view of your recordings and snapshots, so you can easily see if you’ve missed capturing anything. But you’ll surely won’t miss anything with the Game Capture HD since this allows you to record gaming footage even while you are gaming and playing back recordings. And you know what’s more amazing about this? You don’t have to upload your snapshot to a separate PC, laptop, or smartphone, as this allows you to share any static image to your social networks like Facebook or


Get the AverMedia Game Capture HD here.

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