Capture Even the Most Difficult to Approach Subjects using Satechi Wireless Timer Remote Control Shutter

In photography, brilliantly and amazingly taken photos involve professional and careful camera operation. This is not always easy to do especially on difficult settings or hard to approach subjects. Good thing there’s the new Satechi Wireless Timer Remote Control Shutter, taking excellent pictures is made easy even if you’re away from your camera or your subject is challenging to take shots.

The Wireless Timer Remote Control Shutter is an innovative and advanced Canon camera shutter release tool that can be paired with any compatible EOS camera. It can help you control your camera shutter and can let you activate the bulb function even when you’re 50 ft. away. This is beneficial on taking pictures of

difficult to approach subjects with reduced vibration. It’s also perfect to use on time-lapse photography like blooming flowers, moving clouds, sunset time-lapse and other astrophotography. Additionally, the Satechi WTR-A lets you release camera shutter, delay starting moment, manage exposure time, assign shooting interval, or organize the number of shots – all through wireless connection. It can be programmed as intervalometer for run-time photography which uses trigger exposures. There are other features included in the Wireless Timer Remote Control Shutter like time remind speaker, release signal lamp, LCD display and screen illuminator.

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Satechi Wtr-a Wireless Timer Shutter For Canon Eos-1v/1vhs, Eos-3, Eos-d2000, D
Satechi Wtr-a Wireless Timer S...
Satechi WTR-A Wireless Timer Shutter for Canon EOS-1V/1VHS, EOS-3, EOS-D2000, D
Satechi WTR-A Wireless Timer S...

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