Canon Miniature Camera USB Flash Drive – From Boring to Interesting

USB sticks are among the most common forms of data storage these days. Well, who wouldn’t use one? A USB flash drive is in fact the most portable form of file storage, one that you can actually carry anywhere you go. However, some of these USB sticks look so typical and boring. And so, some people resort to choosing a more interesting form of file storage such as high-end phone with capacity of up to 32gb. But this can be pretty expensive, and if you think you can’t afford it, might as well choose this cute but nifty little gadget from Canon – the Miniature Camera USB Flash Drive.

Yes, it looks like a camera, but it does not function like the usual Canon camera that you know – it’s actually a USB flash drive. Boasting up to 4GB capacity, this gadget is the perfect storage device for all your getaway photos. Your typical camera may be reliable in terms of taking all these photos, but storing them for so long in this delicate piece of equipment might not be the best idea. So you better transfer them to this miniature camera USB flash drive before you lose any of them. But hey, this isn’t just made for storing photos – it’s great for storing important documents, videos, and MP3s too!

So do you still want to stick to your old, boring USB flash drive or want to switch to a more interesting one? If you choose the latter, then order the Canon Miniature Camera USB Flash Drive here today.

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