Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Cameras – 24/7 All Season Trail Surveillance

There is nothing like the thrill of the hunt – unless of course you end up fumbling in the bushes with no clues better than deer’s dropping to where your preys at. Go home with a better game than a handful of wild berries with the help of the new and upgraded Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Cameras. This line of remote cameras, which is known for its unbelievable one year battery life and ultra-fast trigger speeds, just keeps getting better and better so that you can stay ahead of your game literally. The latest models of Bushnell’s Trophy Cam game cameras are now upgraded with true High Definition video resolution and high clarity audio recording. Furthermore, their new Field Scan 2x technology offers two time slots of image capture to maximize the monitoring of dusk and dawn movement. This technology offers the widest viewing area possible because it’s not dependent on the movement of your game. Another great timing technology incorporated on these latest Bushnell outdoor remote cameras is the time lapse technology which automatically captures images at set increments of one minute to one hour depending on your preference. Their time lapse mode seamlessly works alongside their live trigger making it impossible for the camera to miss your game.

For brighter and clearer night recordings, the new Trophy Cam Trail Camera models were also outfitted with Hyper Night Vision with some models featuring no-glow black LEDs for total stealth. There is also the new Auto PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) feature that automatically regulates recording sensitivity based on temperature to ensure consistency no matter what the conditions are. Even the time stamping capabilities of these cameras have been upgraded, now GPS Geotag data and coordinates are embedded at each image for a more accurate surveillance.

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