Bushnell Backtrack D-Tour – It’s Not your Typical GPS

Some people are not good at directions, thus they rely on GPS to help them find their way to their destination. It’s really a good thing that cool gadgets such as the GPS are very much available these days. The convenience they bring to travelers, campers, hikers, and outdoor explorers is far better than the traditional compass. And today, since GPS has become a popular tracking location tool, this is made even more convenient. Bushnell, one of the leading names in sports optic manufacturing, introduced innovations to the standard GPS with their all-new Backtrack D-Tour.

The Backtrack D-Tour goes beyond providing simple distance and direction. It’s basically designed with up to five storable locations, so you are not limited to storing not only the direction of your destination such as campsites, fishing spots, lakes, and more but also your point of origin. Now, you need not memorize landmarks just so you’ll find your way back fast and easy – Backtrack D-Tour definitely takes the hassle out of that. And on top of these five storable locations, this Bushnell GPS also functions as a self-calibrating digital compass and provides other pertinent information that any camper needs such as time, temperature, altitude and latitude/longitude coordinates. So, there’s definitely no need for you to bring other devices for you to get this information. And since this can log up to 48 hours of trip data, what else would you need?

So make this Bushnell product your personal GPS on your next outdoor adventure. Get the Backtrack D-Tour here.

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Bushnell BackTrack D-TOUR Handheld GPS
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