BungeeAir Power Wireless Security Tether – Never Lose or Forget that iPhone Again

Ever misplaced your iPhone at one point? Or how about losing one? The latter is definitely more disappointing, especially if you’ve saved for months just to get that dream iPhone of yours. If you misplace it, there’s still a chance for you to trace it – just dial your number from another phone and when it rings, you can go on and look where the ringing sound comes from. But what if the phone is unattended or can’t be reached? That can be very disappointing too. So, to never forget or lose that iPhone again, pair it with the BungeeAir Power Wireless Security Tether.

The BungeeAir Power is actually a 3-in-1 accessory – it combines a wireless security tether, a battery, and a case in one. As a security tether, it provides your phone with added protection against loss and theft as your iPhone screen locks automatically and sends an alert to the BungeeAir fob when you and your phone are separated. So, if you’re so occupied with a lot of things and has that tendency to forget your iPhone either on top of your desk or some place else, this accessoru will sure do that trick of reminding you.

Now, as a battery and case, this one sure adds up to 4 hours of talk time to your iPhone. Case has a built-in 2-position stand too, so you never need to hold that iPhone again when you’re watching movies or listening to your favorite music.

Interested to get this product? Check out the BungeeAir Power Wireless Security Tether for iPhone here.

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