Boost Case Plus – Because Your iPhone 4S Needs to Keep on Running for More than a Day

Now that you’ve got an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, you’ll probably need a longer-lasting battery to be able to enjoy all its excellent features without the need to juice it up from time to time. Yes, during an intense day of iPhone 4S usage, its original battery pack won’t be too reliable, thus you need something that will definitely last for more than a day. No, I’m not saying you get a separate battery at that; what can actually solve this dilemma is this simple iPhone 4 accessory called the Boost Case Plus.

Dubbed as the largest capacity battery of any of the iPhone battery cases available today, the Boost Case Plus actually boasts a 2200 mAh that enables your device to keep on running not just for a couple of hours or day but for more than a day. So whether you’re up for a long trip or a weekend getaway, you can expect this gadget accessory to keep you connected. Yes, never miss an important call again or get bored on your next trip because the Boost Case Plus will provide your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S with the juice that it needs, whenever, wherever.

But hey, you might be wondering why it looks more of like an iPhone case! It actually is a case, with front and sides that are made of smooth matte silver plastic and back that is basic black. Now, at the bottom of this is a portion that contains the battery, 30-pin connector and microUSB socket, and then a small connecting cover for the top of the phone. The case may not look too promising as the edges kind of show some imperfections. But they aren’t that noticeable, so what matters is the battery’s capacity which is more than enough to get your device running for more than a day.

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